Blue Nile User Accounts



The goal of this project was to update the non-responsive User Accounts to the responsive format that the rest of the site had already been moved to.


1.  Retrofitting security and privacy controls.2.  Secure and non-secure (guest) page states.3.  Multiple back-end system integrations.4.  Antiquated design, architecture, and functionality.


Due to the secure nature of user accounts and the systems involved in ordering, shipping, and returning items, disovering all of the possible use cases and user flows required heavy collaboration between design, development, manufacturing, shipping, financial, and customer service departments.

In addition to restructuring the account pages to be responsive, there were several opportunities to make quick, small updates to the UI, interaction, and navigation, which could be accomplished within the project scope for a better user experience.

Design Element Usability Issue Best Practice Solution
Navigation Inconsistent with site Consistency,Improved discoverability Changed from top nav to sidebar nav,Matched "Account" dropdown menu
Forms & Personal Information Difficult to edit,Confusing interaction User control & freedom,Error prevention,Fitts' law of proximity Clearly labeled forms,Easy open/close,Mobile-friendly design
Order/Return status Non-existent Match between system & real world,Improved discoverability,Recognition over recall Added new order/return status messages,Color coding for high visibility
Credit Card Application Mobile scrolling issues User control & freedom,Error prevention, Simplified application,PDF T&C's download


  • User personas
  • Competitive Analysis
  • UX/UI best practices
  • Colored Diamond Education
  • Journey Mapping
  • Color Psychology


Due to limited scope for changes to content or copy, the underlying design concept was sketched, wireframed, and the visual aesthetic completed prior to all use-cases being revealed. The design concept was then applied to each new use-case as it arose. Development was then accomplished on a section-by-section basis and pushed live upon completion.


The final solution utilized:

  • 1.  New mobile-first responsive design
  • 2.  Switched to sidebar navigation
  • 3.  Updated visual aesthetic
  • 4.  Updated Online Returns process
  • 5.  Improved Order shipping messaging
  • 6.  Consistent secure/non-secure experiences

Click to view live web-page (limited)

user accounts mobile screencaps


While tracking data in User Accounts is largely disabled for security purposes, our Customer Service department acknowledged a marked reduction in the number of customer calls regarding User Accounts. Additionally, the new Online Return process eliminated 'false-positive' RMA numbers allowing our fullfillment center to more accurately anticipate in-coming product returns.


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