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Washington State Dept. of Transportation (WSDOT)

Project Proposal, Washington State Ferries (WSF) App

Washington State Ferries (WSF) is currently a department housed within the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). WSF does not currently have an application specifically for its department’s services. There is a need in the market for a WSF Ferry app for commuters. It will be an important goal to maintain continuity between the WSDOT/WSF website and new application.

The objective for this project is to create an application for use primarily by western Washington commuters who use the Washington State Ferry system on a daily, or near-daily basis. Doing so will provide a way for people on the move to quickly assess current ferry locations, wait-times, arrivals/departures, cameras and ticketing information. This app will need to function well for people who are possibly already behind the wheel of thier car, which means large buttons and text for easy, at-a-glance navigation.

The current application being provided by WSDOT does address some of the basic ferry information, but is difficult to use because of tiny links/buttons and limited in-app information. It is recommended that WSDOT invest in the creation of an application, specifically for local ferry commuters, which can be optimized to include more features than are currently offered with the WSDOT app, has minimal links back to the mobile-unfriendly website, and has simple, fast navigation for those on the go.

To view a Prototype Mock-up of the WSF App CLICK HERE. Please note that not all screens are active at this time.

WSF App || Project Proposal PDF

WSF App || Home Screen || Route Menu Screen || Route Vessel Watch Screen

WSF app home, route menu, and vessel watch screens

WSF App || Route Schedule Screen || Hamburger Menu Slide-out Screen || Fares & Ticketing > Passenger Fares Screen

WSF app schedule, menu slide-out, and fares screens

WSF App || Creative Considerations

WSF app typeface, icons and color palette

WSF App || User Path Example with Lo-Fi's

WSF app wireframes with user walkthrough indicators

WSF App || Logic Flow Map

WSF app logic flow map
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