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Identity & Website Redesign

The goal with this website redesign was to refine the design and usability of the website while respecting its public service mission and maintaining a non-corporate, anti-establishment visual styling. The logo redesign was the only element to which more advanced design principles were applied, with the goal of creating a more aesthetically iconic image that provides visual clues to indicate the website's intended purpose. Then, using a search-based landing-page, while still offering the opportunity to browse the column/list style classified ads, it was possible to streamline the search process. Additionally, it was important to take advantage of user-uploaded imagery to improve the navigation process, increasing user browsing speed.

Craigslist || Landing Page

Craigslist Landing Page

Craigslist || Listings Page

Craigslist Listings Page

Craigslist || Category Listings Page

Craigslist Category Listings Page

Craigslist || Individual Listing Page

Craigslist Individual Listing Page

Craigslist || About Page

Craigslist About Page
Tressa Randolph Portfolio


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Sign Connections
Identity & Website Redesign
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Identity & Website redesign
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Responsive Wordpress Website
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Tressa Randolph Portfolio
Usability Test Report
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Bloomsbury, USA
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Tressa Randolph Portfolio