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Sign Connections

Identity Design and Website

As part of my first internship I had the opportunity to work for a print shop that was in the process of developing a new visual identity to distinguish itself from previous ownership. After discussions with the owner and lead-designer, review of current concepts, research, and sketching, I presented a number of options for review. Once a logo was chosen and refined, we moved on to the business cabinet, which was to be printed using a special cold foil process to give the oranges, blues and silvers a sheen, while leaving the dark grey, matte.

The website template was purchased by the owner and I customized it to suit the print shop. We made the decision to use a single page format for both simplicity and ease-of-use.

Sign Connections || Home Screen || Top of Page

Sign Connections home screen top of page

Sign Connections || Home page/Mid-screen || jQuery portfolio galleries

Sign Connections home screen middle of page

Sign Connections || Home page/End-of-screen || PHP contact form

Sign Connections home screen bottom of page

Sign Connections || Business Cabinet || Cold Foil treatment on silver, orange & blue

Sign Connections front and back business card, envelope, and stationary

Sign Connections || Logo development

Sign Connections digital logo design concept renders
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