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Blue Nile

Project: User Accounts

The goal of this project was to update the non-responsive User Accounts to the responsive format that the rest of the site had already been moved to. While the scope of the project was very limited, we did make as many updates as possible to the UI to bring it more in line with UX best practices.

One of the challenges we faced was working with multiple internal software & hardware systems involved with Customer Service, Returns, Orders, Shipping, and Security.

With a mobile-first focus, we performed research into how other e-commerce accounts function – however, due to the secure nature of user accounts, information was limited. We compensated for limited information through the application of UX best practices and interaction design geared toward minimizing click-rates and maximizing touch-points.

A couple of big wins included updating the online return form & functionality and improving messaging of the shipping status for greater user transparency. All of the updates made resulted in a better user experience and a reduction in call volume to Customer Service for accounts-related questions.

Accounts Sign-In Page || Desktop Only || BEFORE

Accounts sign in page, before responsive design

Accounts Sign-In Page || Desktop || AFTER

Accounts sign in page, after responsive design

Accounts Profile Page || Desktop || AFTER

Accounts profile page, after responsive design

Accounts Returns Page || Desktop || AFTER

Accounts returns page, after responsive design

Accounts Sign-In, Profile, & Returns Pages || Mobile || AFTER

Accounts sign in, profile, and returns pages, after responsive design
Tressa Randolph Portfolio


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