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Project: Colored Diamond Catalog & Product Detail Pages

The goal of this project was to update the non-responsive Colored Diamonds catalog to the responsive format that the rest of the site had already been moved to, as well as, finding creative ways to update the Product Detail pages with valuable diamond-specific information.

The most critical update we recommended was to add actual diamond images to replace the wireframe images in the catalog. While not a new principle in e-commerce, research certainly supported that users want to be able to see what they are considering purchasing.

Researching the target audience also indicated that our standard user personas did not apply. We created a sub-set target audience profile which helped guide the content and design of the product detail pages. We also worked on a mobile-first approach in order to improve the user education & purchase process.

One of the most unique features we came up with was creating dynamic color & intensity charts using vector SVG images with live-text for improved SEO. The overall result of the updates resulted in a sixty percent increase in conversion rates.

Colored Diamonds Catalog Page || Desktop || BEFORE

Fancy Color Diamonds catalog page, before

Colored Diamonds Catalog Page || Desktop || AFTER

Fancy Color Diamonds catalog page, after

Colored Diamonds Product Details Page - Color Wheel || Desktop || AFTER

Fancy Color Diamonds detail page, after

Colored Diamonds Product Details Page - Intensity || Desktop || AFTER

Fancy Color Diamonds detail page, after

Colored Diamonds Catalog & Details Pages || Mobile || AFTER

Fancy Color Diamonds mobile, after
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