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Microsoft Diabetic Lens, On-lens Display Concept Video

The concept for the following videos are what the future may hold in terms of on lens displays, including object/text recognition, alerts, and interaction with the app. The concept is first explored in a concept video, which is viewed from the Diabetic User's perspective.

After creating the concept video using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, I endeavored to create a simulated environment using an Arduino Uno, light sensor, web cam, processing, and physical objects. While there were a number of complications throughout the process, I was successfully able to create a visual simulation of the pop-up that might occur when a user views a medication label.

I drew inspiration from several sources. One of the major sources is Oblong, a company that currently sells "commercial versions of the Minority Report computers." Not only is the concept video an interesting look at how the tech works, it is part of the facinating world of transparent user interface display design I explored during my thesis, which is the source of my inspiration in creating the Microsoft Diabetic Lens App.

Other sources of inspiration for the concept video and simulation project come from META Spaceglasses, whose videos explore augmented reality display, and Disney's,research into printed optics.

I also used research from Arduino Basics, as well as help from my instructor, Austin Lee, to achieve the simulation effect with the Arduino board and light sensor.

Microsoft Diabetic Lens || Concept Video

Microsoft Diabetic Lens || Process Photos

Microsoft Diabetic Lens || Simulation

Tressa Randolph Portfolio
Tressa Randolph Portfolio